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Models / Brick Yates

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Brick Yates Vital Stats:
Height:  5'10"
Age:  25
Measurements:  7" 180 lbs
Fun Fact:  I love the Walking Dead, and I like to play zombies on Call of Duty...
Astrological Sign:  Gemini
Eye Color:  Hazel
Anal:  I'm a giver ;)
Swallow or Spit:  Neither
On Birth Control?:  Yep, it's called the pull out method
Occupation:  Pornographer
Currently Lives In:  North Park (San Diego), Ca
From:  The Nether
Marital Status::  Single

I was in the Military for over 5 years, and it brought me to beautiful San Diego. While I was active duty, I got a gig filming for a local porn company and they showed me the ropes. In 2011 I got out of the military. At that point I knew I had to do one of two things; Go to school or get a job. I did both. I ended up going to school right here at SDSU. Since I filmed for this local porn company, I had a nice camera and one day I talked my girlfriend into letting me film us having sex while she was in her uniform before she went to work. I showed a few friends, and after she broke up with me I was immediately on the prowl in San Diego for other girls in their uniforms or work clothes. I'm not interested in fake Halloween costumes or uniforms that aren't real. I'm going to keep going until my camera breaks... Then I'll buy another, then another.
If you know someone who wants to wear their uniform on camera, or just simply have an idea for me, please email me casting@brickyates.com it will come straight to my cell phone!
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Helping a girl that needed money
Brick Yates, Dayanara 02/13/2018

Tags: Amateur, Black, Blowjob, Brunettes

Army blowjob and creampie
Brick Yates, Katy 01/16/2018

Tags: Amateur, Army, Brunettes, Creampie

Marine experiments with anal PART 2
Alexia, Brick Yates 01/02/2018

Tags: Amateur, Anal, Anal Creampie, Brunettes

Marine experiments with anal
Alexia, Brick Yates 12/08/2017

Tags: Amateur, Anal, Brunettes, Fake Tits

Marine from New York isn't sure about anal
Brick Yates, Mia Bryant 11/07/2017

Tags: Amateur, Brunettes, Facial, Latina

Anal Hurts
Brick Yates, Nataly Lopez 08/01/2017

Tags: Amateur, Anal, Brunettes, Creampie

Hey boot, it's only the thumb... SITFU!
Brick Yates, Hazel Rain 06/06/2017

Tags: Amateur, Black, Brunettes, Ebony

Condom Breaks on PetSmart Employee
Brick Yates, Preston Phillips 05/23/2017

Tags: Amateur, Blondes, Busty, Condom Breaks

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