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Brick Yates Blog Featured On Al Rincon

11/09/2022 02:00pm

Hey Everyone

A blog post about our two recent barracks scenes with Madison Wilde, Jermaine Lavender, Alicia Hebi & Gringo Suave just went up on AlRincon.com.

I didn't know much about the Al Rincon blog until recently but they have some pretty interesting content including a post titled IN BETWEEN PATIENTS. Its about nurses, in uniform of course, doing all sorts of naughty shit! Not only do they operate [on] you, diagnose you, take care of you or change your bedpan, there are also some doctors and nurses who strip naked with the clear intention of sharing it online.

Or if amateur sluts on TikTok are more your style, check out AND WHY AREN'T YOU IN UNIFORM?
P.S. (which stands for post script in case you didn't know) they have a ton of deals on porn sites you can check out HERE


In between patients Why aren't you in uniform? Brick Yates

Brick House! Golden Glory Lucius Chocolate Blow-job?

04/10/2023 09:00am

If you like Housekeepers like we do then you might want to check out NAOMI. She Really comes through for Brick. With absolute ease she chokes down that cock. Always remembering to spit. NAOMI is in Uniform Fetish Monthly because she just left such a impression on Mr. Yates. Just busting!

NAOMI knows just how to get you coming with those dark chocolate NIPPLES on full display. Good to milk you for every last drop! I could not stop looking at that golden hair. Just makes you want to break off a piece of that!

To see what NAOMI can do, the video can be found here.

Thanks for checking out our blog. As always, thanks for reading.

By Sticks

Pizza Delivery! Would you like some Raunch with that?

03/13/2023 09:00am

If you love a female in Uniform and you want that PIZZA, CECE is the model for you. Do make sure to get a glimpse of that sweet milky ASS, and those glowing pierced TITS! She is fresh like that pizza, so she made it to be part of Uniform Fetish Monthly! With Ricky taking care of business, She never stood a chance.

The best part about this slightly older pick. Is that if you love when females wear mask, she has a matching mask to her uniform. So if you would like some raunch with that? I know I was satisfied with this selection. Got me looking like Popeye the sailor man over here.

To get a look at how well CECE delivers to Ricky, the video can be found here.

Thanks for checking out our blog. As always, thanks for reading.

By Sticks

Hello Nurse! Big Brown Beautiful TITS Anyone?

02/13/2023 09:00am

If you like a slow build up to get a peek, SUMMER should ring in your mind. The Nurse from Albuquerque with the big brown beautiful Natural TITS, that you just can’t get enough of. Like two large sunflowers jiggling in the wind. You just cant keep your eyes off them.

With just the right amount of ink, SUMMER just knows how to squeeze Ricky’s dick just the right way. With the large hard build up we all deserve. SUMMER gets this months Uniform Fetish Monthly because, I just cant take my eyes off those amazing TITS! Just pause, start. Yeah!

To see what all the jiggling sunflowers are about, the video can be found here.

Thanks for checking out our new blog category, Uniform Fetish Monthly. Thanks for reading.

By Sticks

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