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Friends of Brick - Ep.2 - The Cats Out of The Bag

Firends of Brick - Think of a mix between That 70's Show and Friends, with a much lower budget. Friends of Brick is a 5 episode series about a group of friends (of mine, hence the name) that all hang out at the same house. They all come and go as they please. Alyssia is married but still comes the kick-it with her friends every day. The story unfolds as all of her friends slowly start to find out that her husband lets her fuck other guys and she is beginning to love every minute of it. I would also say its fair to think of Kilo as Fez.

The Cats Out of The Bag- In the second episode, Kilo finds himself in the mix with Alyssia again. But this time with an unexpected twist. Tony gets wind of Alyssia's open relationship and with impeccable timing. He happens to stumble across her Tinder account and decides to take advantage of it.
Alyssia comes back to the spot after a day of selfies with statues at Balboa park. Hot and hungry, she coincidently finds Tony and Kilo in the kitchen cooking last weeks cup noodles. Why not sit down and check her Tinder messages while she waits.

Date Added: September 19, 2023


18 minute(s) of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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