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Flight Attendant Convinced to FuckFeaturing: Added 07/01/2015
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So two guys in a metro station convince a flight attendant to have sex right... Well that's how it ended up anyways. I was in the metro station and I met this guy named Lukas. He spoke English good enough to talk to him, but it wasn't great. He was a pretty cool guy, so I was talking to him about porn and my website for about an hour, and he was determined to be in a porn. I told him if he could find a girl, preferably in a uniform, that I would pay them both and film it. Him and his friend, or maybe just his friend was a DJ at a local club. It was hard to understand his English sometimes. So I thought we were going to go to that club to find a girl, but he spotted this sexy blonde flight attendant just getting off the train from the airport. I didn't think we had a chance, but whatever, Ill let him give it a shot. Her name was Jenny and she was a smoking hot blonde hair, blue eyed goddess that stood about 5'9" tall. We talked her into taking pictures, then I dropped the video bomb on her afterwards and she was pissed. She said there was no way she would do anything on video. Fortunately there isn't a 'no' on earth that more money can't turn into a yes.

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All American Anal VideoFeaturing: Cali W., Jay C.Added 07/01/2014
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Cooper and I were walking around on the beach and in town in Oceanside, just north of the peer taking pictures of sexy girls in American flag bikinis. Apparently people don't really like their picture taken on the beach I found out. We came across Cali and Jay. Jay was in American flag shorts, but Cali was in a black robe. I asked why she was wearing a robe at the beach, and it turns out it was because she had her bikini body painted on and earlier, the lifeguards reported her and the police came and told her she either had to put a real bikini on or cover herself up. They almost gave her an indecent exposure ticket. They let me take some pictures of them, and decided to come back for a barbeque at my friends house afterwards. After some conversation and a couple beers, they were okay with fucking on the pool deck.

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San Diego Promo Girl Tries PornFeaturing: Reese TorpidoAdded 03/10/2015
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A sexy promotional girl from San Diego decides to do porn and get fucked on camera. Reese and I put an ad online looking for a promo girl to help us hand out sweaters and t-shirts at the beach in Pacific Beach last Saturday. We really just wanted to have some fun, drink some beers and hand out some shirts to spread the word about my website. Zieya was the girl that helped us, and she turned out to be pretty fun to kick it with. Aside from the sex. lol. She has a lot of tattoos and a great personality. I started talking to her about the site, and it turns out she is friends with Holly, a girl who is on the site! Neither of this new about that before she came in. It is a small world.

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