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AirForce PTFeaturing: Azbella, Jason RitesAdded 10/14/2014
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When Azbella came out to San Diego for her fitness competition, she got a quick sandbag workout in down at the convention center with another airman that was in the competition too. She has had sex with him before and talked to him about some camera action for some extra cash while he was here. He was all about it at first, but bailed out in the middle of the scene. But that didn't ruin it, we called Jason and he left the gym, hopped on his bike and was down to meet her within the hour! It turned out to be a good workout downtown and an even better after-party on the balcony overlooking the convention center.

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European Banker QuickieFeaturing: Brick Yates, HoneyAdded 09/30/2014
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While I was in Prague, I needed to take the train to get around town and I must say it worked out quite well for me more than once. Everyone there seems to take the train to get around town. I sparked a conversation with this gorgeous girl at the train station one day and it turned out to be much more than I expected. With the language barrier, I am still not sure exactly what Honey does for a living, but I do know that she works in the finance industry but is not a banker. She is 5'7", brunette, phenomenal eyes and a captivating smile that will definitely make you rethink your US citizenship! I definitely would go back to Prague to see honey!

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Sexy ASS Charger FanFeaturing: Bryce, HazelAdded 09/23/2014
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I went to the Seahawk-Charger game last week with a friend of mine. It was over 100 degrees in our seats so naturally my beverage of choice was a nice cold beer. To make a long story short, I got drunk and started talking shit to some bartender at the game and ended up betting her a lot of money that if the Seahawks won, her and her boyfriend had to let me record them fucking for free. If the Seahawks lost, I had to pay them. I guess I won either way. Good thing because by some miraculous LUCK, the Hawks lost. So a week later we both made fair on our sides of the bet. I still think I got the better end of the deal. This Charger girl is SMOKING!!!

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Light Bulbs and PornFeaturing: Denis, KlaraAdded 09/09/2014
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After an 18 hour flight to Prague, all I wanted to do was test my lights and camera and take a nap. One thing I forgot to account for was that eastern Europe has 220 voltage in residential and the United States was 110. All of my lights burnt out as soon as I plugged them in. So a few days later, I took the transit to the store to buy new light bulbs. When I was ready to leave, I needed to find an information desk to find out which train would take me back to district 10. Seeing how I don't speak Czech, I didn't have much luck until I ran into Denis and his girlfriend. They were on there way to the city center which was the same train I needed so they let me follow them. Denis' girlfriend Klara was a bombshell! She must have been at least 6'2", natural blonde hair and amazing natural 36C tits. She is an office assistant... hmmm... Lucky boss! I gave them the usual photographer pitch, and they caught on quick. Klara was a little apprehensive at first, but she relaxed a lot because of Denis. She barely spoke English, so Denis had to translate most of what I said.

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Fucking in her Air Force uniformFeaturing: Azbella, CooperAdded 07/29/2014
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I have known Azbella for a while now. She is in the Air Force, stationed at Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas. She has thought about doing a video for me before, but the time wasn't right for her; until now. She was coming to San Diego anyways for a fitness competition that her and some other Airmen were competing in. Since she is getting out in 2 months, she wanted to give adult video a try so I jumped on it immediately. I picked her up in her uniform at the San Diego airport and filmed it with my Glass of coarse. We didn't have a whole lot of time so I took her and Cooper back to the pad and did the 1st of 3 shoots that weekend. Since she finally decided to do a video, I made her do 3 to make sure I had everything I wanted! You can tell this girls specialty is squats and legs as soon as you see her ass, it is amazing. PS, she loves it when you stick a finger in her ass while fucking her from behind. I can't wait until Azbella comes back to San Diego!

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