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Fox Tail Anal PlugFeaturing: HazelAdded 10/23/2014
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Happy Halloween everyone! so this last Friday night I had Hazel come by for a little festive fun! I put together a Fox outfit for her for Halloween and had her makeup done like a Fox. That's just where the fun began though. Her tail wasn't a normal tail, it was a an anal plug tail. She marched through a grocery store downtown with it in, shopping for all of the fun produce she wanted to play with. Normally that sort of thing would be frowned upon, but the 3 security guards at the store were following us around like a Fox and Rabbit (pun intended) trying to get a better look at her anal plug. That was nothing compared to the guys reaction to her trying to put the plug back in when it fell out in the produce section though! So we ended up with a diamond anal plug, a Fox tail anal plug, a huge cucumber, two carrots, a clear soda bottle and 12 pink golf balls. You just need to watch the video for yourself! Happy Halloween!

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Marine Corp. VirginFeaturing: Nikki HainesAdded 06/10/2014
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Okay, So Nikki is a cute little 19 year old Marine here in California. She was stationed in Japan before here, but I am not sure which base. She likes girls, but somehow I got her to come in here to do straight porn. You probably will not believe this just as I didn't, but she has never had sex with a guy before. She told me that, and I called her on her bullshit but she was not lying. So I said to her "wait, so you have never fucked a guy, and you decide to make a porn your first time?". She replied by saying "it can't be that much different from a dildo." Haha It never gets old. Thats not even the best part though, half way through the shoot, River asked if she thought his cock would fit in her ass. She said she didn't know, but she decided to give it a try after a while. Her first experience with real anal wasn't the best experience. HAHAHA. River doesn't have a throttle on that cock. Instead of going slow to get her use to it, he just shoved it in and went for it. If that isn't enough, this girl came over in her Alpha dress uniform. Unfortunately she forgot her medals at home, so I let her use mine so she didn't look like a dirtbag. But the uniform is 100% her uniform.

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The Fuck-PocalypseFeaturing: Cooper, SonjaAdded 08/12/2014
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August 12th, 2014 marked the day that everything changed on earth. A contagious virus that was weaponized by the Obama administration guised as "ObamaCare" in a last ditch effort to end the tragic war effort launched by the ISIS terrorist group in Bagdad, Iraq and the Gaza strip. The highly controversial and highly contagious virus was leaked from the Center for Disease and Control (C.D.C.) In the United States and immediately spread through millions of people on the western seaboard. The impact is believed to have taken more lives than an estimated nuclear war. The virus reached the beloved city of San Diego, California at approximately 10:43am Pacific Standard time. We lost all contact with the city by 2:51 pm and now believe it is completely uninhabitable. If anyone receives this transition, make your way to one of the safe zones in northern Washington if they are still there. Godspeed.

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