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Guy rings his wife for 5 man facialFeaturing: Mike Felps, Preston Phillips, Reese TorpidoAdded 08/26/2014
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I received a response to an ad online the other day from this couple who wanted to give a video a shot. But they didn't have the average video in mind. He wanted to let his wife come in and get a facial by as many guys as I could find. I said yes. And I did what any Veteran friendly employer would, I brought in all service members. I had 2 Sailors, 2 Soldiers and 1 Marine. This was a really cool couple, and you could tell that Emily got off on sucking cock and being covered in cum from ever guy possible. This girl is 4'11 and has the jaw strength of a lion. The cool thing about it was that while she was bouncing back and fourth between 5 different cocks, her husband was kicking back and bullshiting about hockey. I will definitely bring them back. We should all thank her husband for his generosity. After all, sharing is caring, right?

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Another teacher decides to do pornFeaturing: Added 08/19/2014
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We decided to go to ocean beach one weekend and we saw a bunch of people diving off of the cliff. Then we saw another girl walking her dog and she didn't look like she was supposed to be at the beach. She had high heels on and she looks like she should've been downtown instead. To make a long story short, we talked to her and asked her she wanted to come back to the studio for some pictures. We forgot to mention to her it was porn. She showed up a few hours later with her dog. I have to say, it wasn't the first dog in that room, but it was the first canine. This girl told us that she would do the video as long as her face was blurred out on the pictures. Maybe she really is a teacher.

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The Fuck-PocalypseFeaturing: Cooper, SonjaAdded 08/12/2014
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August 12th, 2014 marked the day that everything changed on earth. A contagious virus that was weaponized by the Obama administration guised as "ObamaCare" in a last ditch effort to end the tragic war effort launched by the ISIS terrorist group in Bagdad, Iraq and the Gaza strip. The highly controversial and highly contagious virus was leaked from the Center for Disease and Control (C.D.C.) In the United States and immediately spread through millions of people on the western seaboard. The impact is believed to have taken more lives than an estimated nuclear war. The virus reached the beloved city of San Diego, California at approximately 10:43am Pacific Standard time. We lost all contact with the city by 2:51 pm and now believe it is completely uninhabitable. If anyone receives this transition, make your way to one of the safe zones in northern Washington if they are still there. Godspeed.

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Fucking in her Air Force uniformFeaturing: Azbella, CooperAdded 07/29/2014
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I have known Azbella for a while now. She is in the Air Force, stationed at Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas. She has thought about doing a video for me before, but the time wasn't right for her; until now. She was coming to San Diego anyways for a fitness competition that her and some other Airmen were competing in. Since she is getting out in 2 months, she wanted to give adult video a try so I jumped on it immediately. I picked her up in her uniform at the San Diego airport and filmed it with my Glass of coarse. We didn't have a whole lot of time so I took her and Cooper back to the pad and did the 1st of 3 shoots that weekend. Since she finally decided to do a video, I made her do 3 to make sure I had everything I wanted! You can tell this girls specialty is squats and legs as soon as you see her ass, it is amazing. PS, she loves it when you stick a finger in her ass while fucking her from behind. I can't wait until Azbella comes back to San Diego!

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Pizza Delivery, Extra HornyFeaturing: Roxanne, TimboAdded 07/15/2014
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Yesterday I ordered a pizza to be delivered because I didn't have time to go out to eat for lunch. When the delivery guy brought my pizza, there were two of them. I have never seen two pizza delivery people before. The girl was a new hire so she was being trained on deliveries. As it turns out, they are a couple too. Boyfriend and girlfriend both working at the same place. I would go crazy if my girlfriend worked at the same place as me. But then again I film porn, so it might not be so bad. Both of them were 18 years old, and just graduated high school this year. Obviously short on cash, otherwise they wouldn't be delivering pizzas. So I capitalized on my opportunity. They came in and fucked instead of making their next delivery. I was in for more of a surprise than I thought though. It was quite an eventful 30 minutes. Throat fucking, surprise anal, wrong holes, cock injuries oh ya, and if you have a weak stomach you may want to skip the 14:38 area. It was quite a surprise and a Brick Yates first.

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