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An Army of OneFeaturing: Mike Felps, ParkerAdded 04/01/2014
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So Mike and I were up by Miramar Air Station yesterday messing around outside of base when we ran into this little military brat. We met her at the coffee shop right outside of base and didn't even really plan on taking her back home, but it kind of all just fell into place. But for some reason I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't tell her it was "Adult" modeling when I asked if she wanted to do it. I decided to just be an asshole and trick her into it. I took her back to my place and just started taking photos of her like it was an actual photo shoot. I felt like an actual photographer for a minute. Until Mike pissed her off by unclipping her bra strap. She didn't like that and said she was uncomfortable but luckily we were able to de-escalate the situation. And for a few hundred extra dollars, she agreed to doing "erotic nude pictures" but we all know what that turns into don't we. Parker is a specialist in the Army stationed out of Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu, South Korea. She is in San Diego temporarily training at Miramar Air Station.

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Air Force PTFeaturing: Azbella, Jason RitesAdded 10/14/2014
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When Azbella came out to San Diego for her fitness competition, she got a quick sandbag workout in down at the convention center with another airman that was in the competition too. She has had sex with him before and talked to him about some camera action for some extra cash while he was here. He was all about it at first, but bailed out in the middle of the scene. But that didn't ruin it, we called Jason and he left the gym, hopped on his bike and was down to meet her within the hour! It turned out to be a good workout downtown and an even better after-party on the balcony overlooking the convention center.

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Dick Test Fucks an Amateur Featuring: Dick ChibblesAdded 04/14/2015
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Bringing in amateur girls for a fake interview on a couch and getting them to fuck and suck dick is not my normal modus operandi, but I am not going to pass up the opportunity. Dick was on his way down interstate 5 south when traffic was stop for a bad accident. He had his portable grill in the back and started cooking his hamburgers when Vivian started making fun of him for cooking on the freeway. That's how they met, and he eventually started talking about porn with her and told her that was his job. She was interested and wanted to give it a try. He told her that she had to come in and meet me first so we figured we would just set it up as a casting interview and just make that the scene. The interviewing did not last very long, she is heels up before the 3 minute mark in the video.

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